Journal Rules~!

<(’.’<)[*]Rules and Need-to-Knows[*](>’.’)>

My profile is now public, but I still have some rules for you to follow:

1. Don't post anything mean or negative. (Why bother? I'll just delete the comment and shrug it off)
2. Don’t steal any of my pictures and claim them as your own (of me or otherwise). (Why? They’re not any good XD)
3. If I post an entry ‘friends only’, don’t share what I post in that entry! I made it that way for a reason.
4. Don’t bible thump me or try and drag me into your drama. (I’m non-religious, don’t try to convert me! And I hate drama, so don’t get me pissed off by dragging me into yours (especially if it’s something stupid).

Things to know:
1. I'm really bad about commenting an entry of yours, even if you post one to mine. 98% of the time It'll take a while for me to respond to your journal, if at all.
2. If you comment, please try to keep it to more than a few words.. I hate those kind of comments. (Like just “good luck” or “they rule!”).
4. I don't care if you don't have a LJ and post a comment anyway~ Just please try to post where I know you from (if I do know you at all).

Update 10/2/2008: I'm officially just using this journal to 'document' certain events. I probably will end up putting off commenting back people until I forget about commenting them at all, so you don't have to comment if you don't wish. Maybe one day I'll get back into commenting others and getting more active, but for now I have a lot of other things to think about and do, so please understand. Thank you. Take care!

Just so you knows..

I've been thinking about just leaving LJ all together a lot lately since I rarely use it.. ever. But I still want to keep some type of journal and I like how I have this one set up. (I would just use the MySpace blog.. but I think it sucks! No cut for a lot of images or whatever.) The only thing now is that I'll probably rarely comment back people who comment me (^^;) Yeah, I'm already really bad about commenting back as it is (as people who replied to my last entry noticed). I'll only be updating my journal when something happens like an event, a new doll, or something of that sort. You don't have to comment if you don't want, it's mostly for me anyway.. I guess. I will try and comment those who comment me though.. I'm just a horrible procrastinator. Sorry. Love you guys though! I'm sad i don't talk to many of you like I use to.. though some on my list rarely spoke or commented me to begin with, haha. If you want to take me off your list, it's okay. I won't be angry or upset. I'll probably end up hiding my friend's list anyway soon.

Either way, I forgot to post the pictures I promised of Jaden.. for those who are still curious to see him, here's some I took a day or two after he arrived a few weeks back:
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Best pep talk ever..!

I originally posted this as a bulletin on my MySpace, but I thought "Why not post it here too~?"

Today a friend played a 'song' in the car when she was dropping me off. It was able to calm me greatly (mentally) and I was hoping that it might be able to help some others out there ^^ If you can, download it. (If you find it, send it to me!) Somehow, it's worlds different when you just read it and hear him speak.

For those who just want to read, here's the lyrics:


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Now, hours after hearing it, I'm back to being slightly troubled in my mind, haha. Stupid I know since I let a lot out the other night to the same friend who drove me home, but I guess it's my fault for leaving so many details and a few big things out. But, if she's reading this now, I want to say thank you for listening anyway. It eased some of the things on my mind.

Also, I know I need to reply to entries of those who commented my last entry ^^; Sorry I haven't already. I've been really distracted. I'll do it within the next few days though!

Take care everyone!

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I want my babeh back, babeh back, babeh back.. no ribs T^T

I think quite a bit happened between my last post and this one. Nothing exciting, as usual, but I feel like typing ^^

Jaden (my newest BJD babeh) should be home soon! Hopefully within the next week. The guy said he would finish the tattoo, finish a few other commissions, then ship him out!! ♥ I can’t wait! I miss him dearly D: Oh! I finally got his pants in the mail~ thank goodness they arrived before him ♥ (I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures when he gets here). Oh! I’m already planning my next doll. Well.. dolls actually *^-^* I plan on doing twins ♥ (Most likely the new Lucifer mold from AS). Though that idea might change if I find a mold I ‘can’t do without’, haha.

And if you haven’t heard already, I decided to move back home (with my mother) in November. I know this might seem silly or odd for most since I’ve been living out with roommates (my sister and her b/f), but this is the smarter move for these reasons:
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I now can’t wait to move back~ though it’ll be odd since I haven’t been in that place longer than a few minutes since all that shit in Japan went down and I moved out. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be great! (^-^)v Plus my mom said she’s been getting rid of a lot of stuff, so it shouldn’t be slightly cluttered like it was when I lived there. PLUS the room I’m getting is my little sister’s old room (she moved into my old room) is bigger than the room I have now! Not by much, but enough <333 I can’t wait for that either! (Though I’m sad I’m not getting a walk-in closet like if I moved out on my own *pouts*).

My mother and I have been hanging out more lately too.. we've been out to eat 3 times, seen 2 movies (Hancock and The Strangers~ I suggest both!), and went to 6 thrift stores XD <3 (I found 8 awesome finds at those thrift shops too!). I'm glad her and I are on such good terms. At least we know we won't get into stupid fights when I move back.


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Now, before I go, here’s some much need advice:

Take care! ♥

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Babeh Jaden and my own apartment? WTF?

Gahh, I really hate work right now. They’re expecting the same quality from the first 5-6 months even though the last 2-3 months has been hectic!!!!!..! People are getting out of school, so there’s a good 2-3 times the amount of people running around my department a day and messing it up. I’m just grateful that I’m getting paid better than most other retailer jobs *pouts* If it wasn’t for that, I’d just go and sell my organs on the black market.

On a brighter note: I’m moving out on my own in November!! It’s just going to be an efficiency, but I think that’s perfect for me. (Especially since I’m kinda paranoid already of being on my own.) I won’t have to worry about what’s in the next room because there is no next room! Haha. Either way, I can’t wait and I really hope to have friends over a lot. (At least during the Summer or vacation for my little sister and her friends. Everyone else I know is too busy to come over more than once in a long, long while). Of course I'm going to need to check to see if they'll have a room available at that time. I should plan a trip to the apartments within the next 3 months.

Another bright note is that my newest BJD babeh arrived today! Jaden is his name and he is a SD sized mold from the brand B&G (Afra mold). I would post pictures, but he’s already back in his box ready to be shipped out for his face-up hopefully tomorrow <3 I can’t wait to see what he looks like! I hope it comes out like in my head. ♥

Guess that’s it for now. Take care everyone!

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A-Kon 19!!

Okay, back from A-Kon and sore as hell! But it was the best A-Kon since my first one ♥ Since I can’t seem to just put all the details into one paragraph, I’m going to have to separate this entry by days~

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Writing a new path?

Thank you nineveh_kun for that video. Gave me a whole new way of thinking of how I should, well, think. Wish I could see the rest of the movie though without having to buy it, haha.

Either way, things already seem to be turning around for me. Like yesterday I found out a semi-friend of mine from work began her own publishing company! She’s only working at Wal-Mart to make that little extra money (since most of what the company makes right now goes towards paying who works for her and things like that). She really encouraged me to try and start writing again. (I think because I kept randomly telling her stuff, scenes, and situations XD Gahh, I was high or something yesterday.. I think it was the cheesecake. ) I’ve tried to sit down and just start writing though, and even though I have a million different ideas, names, places, and scenes flowing through my head I can’t seem to piece any of them together to become a good story *pouts* Either way, she said if I finish a story and we both like it, then she’ll get it published for me!! Score! (Right?) haha, but if that doesn’t work out, I truly hope to get a job at her company one day.. I’d kill to work with books ♥

I guess that’s all for now~ Thank you to those who posted and almost instantly made me feel better *hugs and kisses for all of you* And A-Kon is just a week away, so I’m very excited about that! I’ll be sure to post when I get back from there. (HELL YEAH!! FOUR DAYS AWAY FROM WORK!!!! CAN’T WAIT! >w<)

Take care~!

~Joy ♥
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Wapanese: Real or fiction?

Okay, due to too much thinking time at work I began wondering: Wapanese, is it real or a word of pure fiction? What I mean is, are there truly Wapanese among us? This following “report” is using Wikipedia as a source for the definition of “Wapanese” people. (Link to definition)

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Pandora shall own your soul!

Pandora is here and with face-up!! I love how she came out and couldn’t wait to post her here ♥ Please note that the face-up and photos are done by Shesta on BJDI.

I just can't believe it though.. this is the 2nd time I've unconsciously made a 'version' of an Alice in Wonderland character DD: Pandora is apparently the Cheshire Cat!

Info: Angell Studio Vera mold.

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I hope you guys like her as much as I do! I already can’t wait to get my next doll ♥ ♥

Take care